DUWA FOUNDATION is headed by Vinaya Punde (Managing Trustee Naturopath).
Vinaya Punde is dedicated to public service through her work in Holistic Healing. With her drive and inspiration, She has touched the lives and living of hundreds of people, curing their ailments and giving them a new direction to a healthier and happier life.
Her work in yoga and naturopathy has more than two decade background. Through her preaching, practice, lectures, camps and courses she continues to spread the message of WELLNESS among the people.
She is the owner / operator of GREEN HILL Nature cure WELLNESS CENTRE situated in peaceful and pollution free environment at Shirval (Dist. Satara) about 48 km from Pune. She has treated numerous patients of diabetes, high BP, arthritis and other chronic diseases. She conducts state govt. Recognized courses in Yoga and Naturopathy and Workshops on personality transformation based on spiritual approach.
She is member of state committee for revising and updating Yoga and Naturopathy courses in Maharashtra.


Green Hill is situated on small hill in a natural surrounding and away from hassles of City Life. Green Hill has cottages for peaceful and comfortable stay and can provide delicious vegetarian food.