Naturopathy is a system of man making on the physical , mental, spiritual , social ,and moral levels of being.

Healing Program

One week residential healing program in the proximity of Natural surrounding for chronic ailments like High B.P., Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis, Digestive Disorders, Menstrual problems etc.
under Expert advice and without drugs with the help of naturopathy
treatments and Yoga therapy. Nice comfortable lodging arrangements
with delicious vegetarian diet at reasonable charges

Immunity Booster Program

Immunity is our topmost priority in life. Immunity is weakened due to tension, hurry, lack of Sunshine fresh air, rest and fast food. Let’s enhance our Immunity by spending time regularly with Nature, relaxed, filling lungs with fresh air exposing ourselves to sunshine and proper nourishment. Book your weekends in advance with family and friends in beautiful atmosphere of Green Hill and enjoy disease free healthy long life. Immunity Weekend every 2nd & 4th Sat Sun.
Prevention is better than cure

Yoga and Naturopathy

Conduct 1 year certificate Course in Yoga & Naturopathy approved by Govt. of Maharashtra . Yoga is the right way of living Naturopathy is a system of man making * Benefits of the Course Can take care of you & your family’s health. Reduce medical expenditure & avoid side effects of drugs can start your own center or take up a job.

Cultural Program

Every month
- Enjoy & understand our culture.
- Value addition to physical mental & social well being.
- Reduce stress and improve support system.
- Every month Unique special entertainment & celebration with your family & friends.

Good Bye Doctor

Our basic nature is well being and Good health. Harmony with Nature is Health Disharmony is Disease. Food is our medicine. We have built in mechanism of vitality and healing Let us discover our original Nature and achieve wellness by taking one week Good bye Doctor Course at your place and at your convenience.
Living in harmony with nature is Health. Disharmony is disease Food is our medicine. We have built in mechanism of vitality and healing.

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Nirogi Jivanshaili || निरोगी जीवनशैली

Swastha Bharat Mission

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