Are Chase Stokes And Madelyn Cline Still Dating? Meet The Outer Banks Couple On Instagram!

He’s having bad thoughts and is afraid he might do something terrible. One would argue, he already has, but he’s at his breaking point. Yet Ward isn’t listening, telling him to “man up.” In some ways, Sarah also wants John B. She wants to go back to OBX and clear his name and with Cleo’s help they make it to Charleston quicker than Kie, JJ, and Pope do. And when they do they’re sort of married, though, no one believes that ceremony would stand up in a maritime court of law. It’s a risky plan, which is why his wife Rose wonders if they should just give Rafe up.

However, with the last few minutes of the season taking place after an eighteen-month time jump, the couples’ futures remain ambiguous. Netflix has already renewed Outer Banks for a fourth season, assuring that viewers will receive a sense of clarity when the show returns. They remain close throughout the first season, except when Kiara and John B get closer. Pope has a crush on Kiara so he lashes out in one episode saying “Why is it always about John B?”. In the end, he cares about him and grieves him when he thinks he is dead. In the beginning of Season 2, Pope and the other pogues do everything they can to try and clear John B’s name.

Sarah Cameron

Ward then says he knows everything and lists all the events from the series so far on John B’s treasure hunt but John B is irked that he knows about Redfield. Redfield was the last message before his father disappeared. John B is very suspicious of Ward now and he threatens to go to the sheriff before driving the boat back home. The episode ends with Ward heading up to the deck to attack John B. The love story between John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron has been a pillar of Outer Banks since the first season dropped on Netflix in 2020.

There was a $25,000 reward placed on his head and everything. Though there were a lot of near catches, no one could outsmart the Pogues. She cheated on Top, she abandoned Kie when they were younger. Especially considering that their argument lasted all of one day and he almost immediately apologized and explained himself the next time he saw her.


It’s a full throttle, action-packed adventure and these photos offer a glimpse into the next chapter for our Pogues. “I think there’s always this element of ‘How can we make it not about Maddie and Chase? How do we make it about Sarah Cameron and John B? ’ So that’s been fun to sort of find the ebbs and flows of the characters and give it that birth, versus it being everybody looking at us for who we are as a couple outside of work.

I’m talking about the kiss between Kiara and John B. How, exactly, does this point to a potential JJ-Kiara paring? The detail was so tiny, if you blinked , you might have missed it. Before they announced they were officially dating, the pair sparked relationship rumours as they sure did get along well. The couple accepted the award and celebrated with a passionate kiss on camera. In the final moments of Season 1 John B and Sarah learn that the ship they’re aboard is heading to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. If they have even the slightest chance at succeeding, they’re going to take it.

That’s a hard no from Ward, who gets an alert that someone has entered Paradise Island. He knows someone’s on the property, just not that it’s Sarah, who is able to crack the safe’s code. It’s her birthday, which has her feeling some kind of way; a hint of how conflicted she is about everything that’s happened.

Could Sarah And Topper Reconnect In Outer Banks Season 4?

As we await for Outer Banks season 2, let’s look at the IRL relationships of the cast. In May this year, the Outer Banks couple appeared on theMTV Movie & TV Awards. While accepting the award for Best Kiss, the duo recreated their passionate kiss from the show, on stage. The pair doesn’t shy away from PDA as they locked lips on the red carpet too. Sarah was foolish to cheat on John B and naively retaliated after their argument, but it may have been Topper’s reaction to the fight that swayed her decision.

Though, what Kie’s got on her mind is how weird their first time together was. She’s having second thoughts about ruining their friendship, something Pope was initially worried about. The friend zone is a hard place to be, though being in the dog house, the way Sarah is, is also not fun. His plans are often the worst, but sometimes he manages to make sense. “Stupid things have good outcomes all the time,” is his philosophy and after all they’ve been through you can’t really argue with him, can you?

When he and Pope were jumped by Kooks, she attacked Kelce who was holding JJ back from being able to fight back against Topper who was punching him. In an attempt to save both JJ and Pope who were drastically overwhelmed by the Kooks, she lit the projected movie screen on fire to create a diversion and scare them off. JJ and Kiara have been friends since before the Pilot.

Outer Banks fans were on their edge of their seats in the first season finale as John B. And Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, seemed to race against the police and nature itself to get dating Russian Brides away from the giant manhunt that was going down in the OBX. Was accused of killing Sheriff Peterkin by Sarah’s own father, the two decided to head off to Mexico to start a new life together.