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He doesn’t give a shit about photography. I cannot get him to care about photography. The mental gymnastics involved are hilarious. Psychobabble about setting free photographers and photos only to realize later that you don’t really like free if it doesn’t serve you.

It’s very well possible that you’ve found an awesome place not covered here. I’m just going to discuss a few candidate that come to mind. On Flickr, this single group has over 6 million images. Arguably an extreme example, yet this single group has 60 times more images than all of former combined.

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Dating, fishing or just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day and magnificent views over the river. All of these activities, apparently incompatible, can be found here, at Jardim do Ginjal, a small but charming park already extensively described on my two previous shots in this series. I actually wholly agree with women when they say us men are not entitled to anything from them. You are entitled to nothing from this life.

This set will typically include photos you may never post process or publish, yet still want to keep. And it’s just the latest move by Yahoo to upset the Flickr community, some of which have thousands of photos stored after years of contributing to Flickr. Yahoo will now take 50 million commercially licensed works and sell them—without giving the photographers any profits. Yahoo wants to make money off photos people have been using for free for years. The company recently announced it’s going to start selling photos on Flickr that are licensed for commercial use under Creative Commons. Sure, most of us know about Flickr’s vast library of creative commons licensed images but there’s another rich vein of fascinating imagery worth exploring.

This is not on Flickr users, quite the opposite. I’ve spent considerable time laying out the above tiers because it may help bring structure to a very complicated delete Zendate discussion. Services like SmugMug and Zenfolio operate in this space. Flickr has some functionality in this tier, but it does not seem optimized for it.

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By competing in a giant open space , you compete in a space where for the most part, people don’t care about photography in particular. You’re simply in the wrong place for deep engagement and meaning. There’s a good chance you have never heard of him. If there was any justice in “exposure”, this man would dominate every single photography community. Because he’s sleeping in his hammock in some far away jungle.

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Those who want to embed images on sites that don’t store them use services like Imgur, which doesn’t even require a user account. The leading source for GIF-style images is Giphy, purchased by Facebook for $400 million in 2020. ‘s neglect came in 2010 with the launch of Instagram.

The ‘Market’ service on 500px is your best choice if you wish to sell your photography. In sum, if you want to display an assortment of the very best of your work, 500px is what you’re looking for. The chances of new people discovering your work will be greater because your images will continually stand a chance of making it to the ‘Popular’ page. With its ‘Market’ section, 500px can also help you sell your photography as prints, thereby providing you with the opportunity to sell your work with very little fuss. Additionally, 500px helps you increase the visibility of your other online identities to anyone interested in contacting you. In the top right hand corner of your profile you can add links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter, and even Flickr.

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I went on three dates with men I connected with on LinkedIn. During those two months, I went on approximately 32 dates from actual dating apps. The 32 other dates were sometimes maybe sort of OK.

If you use Chrome for web browsing, install the Flickr Tab extension to see a new popular image on Flickr every time you open a new tab. It also lets you explore more information about the photo and check more works of the photographer. Simply put, Faves is the section where Flickr stores all your favorite or bookmarked photos. You can star any images you like on Flickr and return to this section when you want to revisit them. Good and Bad in most contexts are purely subjective. There are some objective contexts (murder, rape, not fucking by the 2nd date etc. 😏) but most of the time it is subjective.

It won’t be your photography home , yet you can give away a subset of your images to gain exposure. As to whether this actually works, I don’t know. had a collection of 100,000+ images spanning 16,000 species. Not just snapshots, no, material produced by professional wildlife photographers and film makers. It also had a lot of extra educational material, and the entire thing was backed morally by wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough himself.