Single Man Mark Rofe Hires Billboard In Bid To Find Love

The expert in-house dating app developer team can lend you a hand in deciding the technology stack of your online dating site or application. Also, you can choose to create a dating site also for matchmaking purposes. A modern-day Romeo, looking for love in all the wrong places, has hired a roadside billboard in an attempt to land himself a date. Mark Rofe, 30, was fed up with the rigmarole of the dating app game so he decided to take matters into his own hands by buying the sign.

billboard advertising HIMSELF to single ladies to find love

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Sheffield Man Buys Billboard To Find Love Because Dating Apps Aren’t Working For Him

Mr Rofe, who has been single for a year, said he bought the 3m high by 6m wide billboard to stand out from the crowd. A man looking for love has bought a roadside billboard featuring a picture of himself asking for a date. “If at first you don’t succeed, buy more billboards,” he told Metro. But with his newfound internet fame, which has ballooned into chat show appearances and memes already, he might not even need those extra billboards.

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Mark Rofe, 30, said he has been single for over a year and has noticed all his friends are getting married while he is struggling to get a date. Mark also put some fun facts about himself on the site, noting that he’s 6ft tall, has an index finger length of 6.82cm, has two friends, and has kissed more than three girls. As of this writing, a total of 1902 people applied to date Mark — however, he points out that some of those are men .

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Last year, here in this country a fellow from Utah rented a similar billboard, and received nearly a thousand email responses. To aid his efforts, Mark has also set up a crowdfunding page, which he is using to raise money for more billboards. The advertised website reveals a whole host of information about the 30-year-old, and invites visitors to ‘apply’ for a date with him. Mark paid £425 to rent a six-metre-wide billboard in the middle of Manchester, UK, where he displayed the huge advert for himself.

Pictured is his website Mr Rofe, who jokes he has kissed ‘over three’ women, works in marketing but insists his campaign is totally legitimate. The dating apps weren’t working, so I bought a billboard and set up a website to stand out and try get a date. The team at Excellent Webworld is happy to attend to your queries about dating app development. Moreover, developing a dating application will need you to connect with a trusted on-demand app development company like ours.

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“I bought a billboard in Manchester and made this website because I’m single, all my friends are getting married, and I’m struggling to get a date. “I bought a billboard in Manchester and made this website because I’m single, all my friends are getting married, and I’m struggling to get a date.” I bought a billboard in Manchester and made this website because I’m single, all my friends are getting married, and I’m struggling to get a date. He had launched a website – – where applicants get in touch and has launched a crowdfunding website for more billboards. Yes, making a casual or serious dating website or app is absolutely profitable with the growing demand and faith of users in such platforms.

The 30-year-old claimed “dating apps weren’t working”, so he resorted to putting up a six metre wide billboard in the middle of Manchester. Mark’s website includes a live application counter, which reveals 124 people have already expressed their interested in the Sheffield-based singleton. The 30-year-old told the BBC half of those are men, but while he’s ideally looking for a woman he’s still ‘very flattered’. Fed up with the modern dating app game, Mark Rofe decided to pay £425 for the huge sign advertising himself on a busy road in Manchester. If you’re a single adult looking to date these days, you’ve probably turned to dating apps.

The British man paid $800 for the massive billboard along a Manchester road, that’s complete with a picture of the lothario. One man looking for love got more than he bargained for after buying a billboard in hopes of finding his soulmate. On the off chance he doesn’t find the love of his life through the website, Mark is also encouraging potential partners to slide into his DMs on Twitter. If Mark doesn’t meet his £1,600 crowdfunding goal, the money will go instead to Cancer Research.

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