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The choice between a libertarian and an authoritarian technics was posed by Fourier and Kropotkin generations ago, long before Mumford denatured the word libertarian into the more socially respectable and amorphous term, democratic.[49] But this choice is not peculiar to our times; it has a long, highly complex pedigree. Our admiration for these artisan works unconsciously extends into a sense of inferiority or loss of the artisan world in which they were formed — a world that is all the more impressive because we recognize the high degree of subjectivity expressed by the objects. We feel that identifiable human beings imprinted their personalities on these goods; that they possessed a highly attuned sensitivity to the materials they handled, the tools they used, and to the age-old artistic norms their culture established over countless generations. Ultimately, what arouses us emotionally is the fact that these objects attest to a fecund human spirit, a creative subjectivity that articulated its cultural heritage and its wealth in materials that might otherwise seem pedestrian and beyond artistic merit in our own society. Here, the surreal halo around everyday things — the reconquest of everyday life by a pulsating integration of hands, tools, mind, and materials — was actually achieved not merely as part of the metaphysical program of European intellectuals but also by the common folk who lived that life.

The differences in endpoint scores for each country, predominantly caused by the share of nuclear energy, have practical implications in LCA benchmarking. An example is an LCA on cross-border commuting with BEVs . The conclusion that French–German commuting BEVs should load their cars in France, holds under every endpoint system. However, for French–Belgian commuting BEVs, the conclusion depends on the choice of endpoint and LCI database, see Figure 9. The conclusion of Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure 7 and Figure 8 is that the yearly average consumption mix may be taken for a 3 shift continuous operation of a manufacturing company. However, the differences over time of the consumption mix should be taken into consideration for all other situations, when the focus is on high accuracy in LCA.

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Preliterate societies never adhered to this contractual ideal of association; indeed, they resisted every attempt to impose it. To be sure, there were many treaties between tribes and alliances with strangers. But contractual ties within tribes were essentially nonexistent. Not until hierarchy had scored its triumph in the early world and begun its journey into class society did equivalence, “equity,” and contract begin to form the context for human social relationships. The quid pro quo of exchange and its ethical balance sheets were simply irreJevant to a community guided by the customs of usufruct, complementarity, and the irreducible minimum.

Section was formerly classified to section 3793 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section. Part F, referred to in subsec. (a)(3), is part F of title I of Pub. 90–351, which was classified to subchapter VI (§§3769 to 3769d) of chapter 46 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, prior to repeal by Pub. 109–162, title XI, §1154(a), Jan. 5, 2006, 119 Stat.

Whether or not the time is too late I will not venture to say; neither pessimism nor optimism have any meaning in the face of the commanding imperatives that confront us. What must be understood is that the ambiguities of freedom are not intractable problems-that there are ways of resolving them. But we soon encounter a remarkable paradox. Once this fervently https://hookupsranked.com/ republican tradition is extended beyond an agricultural society peopled by self-sufficient farmers, it contains the seeds for its own negation. Perhaps even more striking, this tradition provides a basis not only for the absorption of the “natural arts” by the “artificial crafts” but also for the total mechanization of personal and social life.

Section was formerly classified to section 3793c of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section. For purposes of this section and the grant programs described in this Act, the term “nonprofit organization” means an organization that is described in section 501(c)(3) of title 26 and is exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of such title. A recipient of grant funds under this Act that is found to have an unresolved audit finding shall not be eligible to receive grant funds under this Act during the 2 fiscal years beginning after the 12-month period described in paragraph (5). Section was formerly classified to section 3702 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section. 98–473, in amending section generally, designated existing provisions as subsec. (5) There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary for fiscal year 1992 and $1,000,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 1994 and 1995 to carry out the programs under subchapters IV and V (other than subpart 2 of part B) 3 (other than subpart 1 of part B of subchapter V) of this chapter.


Rites always precede action and signify that there must be communication between equal participants, not mere coercion. The consent of an animal, say a bear, is an essential part of the hunt in which it will be killed. When its carcass is returned to the camp, Indians will put a peace pipe in its mouth and blow down it as a conciliatory gesture. Simple mimesis, an integral feature of magic and ritual, implies by its very nature unity with the “object,” a recognition of the “object’s” subjectivity.

98–411, title II, §204(a)(1), Aug. 30, 1984, 98 Stat. The Bureau may suspend or end collection action on an amount disbursed pursuant to a statute enacted retroactively or otherwise disbursed in error under subsection (a) or (c), where such collection would be impractical, or would cause undue hardship to a debtor who acted in good faith. Where there is no final benefit paid, the recipient of any interim payment under subsection (c) shall be liable for repayment of such amount. The Bureau may waive all or part of such repayment, considering for this purpose the hardship which would result from such repayment.

Later, to be sure, the word was to be separated from the deed and become the authoritarian Word of a patriarchal deity. Mimesis, in turn, was to be reduced to a strategy for producing social conformity and homogeneity. But the ritual of the word in the form of incantations and work songs reminds us of a more primordial sensibility based on mutual recognition and shared rationality. As I have argued for years, the State is not merely a constellation of bureaucratic and coercive institutions. It is also a state of mind, an instilled mentality for ordering reality. Accordingly, the State has a long history — not only institutionally but also psychologically.

He speaks to us not only in the traditional language of “natural law,” but in a more aesthetic vernacular that reveals his appreciation of the mutual enhancement of the natural world and labor. The Biblical injunction of hard labor in the fields as penance is replaced by an ecological vision of virtuous labor as freedom. The husbandman “looking up to heaven” or down to his “own soil” is the imagery of ecology, not of political economy. The function of an ethical philosophy does not entail a mimetic reduction of ethics to its source. Rather, it requires a ground from which to creatively develop ethical ideals.

Each was prized for itself, indeed, for its unique traits. The conception of individual autonomy had not yet acquired the fictive “sovereignty” it has achieved today. The world was perceived as a composite of many different parts, each indispensable to its unity and harmony. Individuality, to the extent that it did not conflict with the community interest on which the survival of all depended, was seen more in terms of interdependence than independence.

No allocation under this section shall be made to a unit of local government that has not reported at least three years of data on part 1 violent crimes of the Uniform Crime Reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigation within the immediately preceding 10 years. (B) the total expenditure on criminal justice by the State government and units of local government within the State in such year. 90–351, formerly §604, as added Pub.

I have turned to this remarkable passage because Hegel does not mean it to be merely metaphoric. His biological example and his social subject matter converge in ways that transcend both, notably, as similar aspects of a larger process. Life itself, as distinguished from the nonliving, emerges from the inorganic latent with all the particularities it has immanently produced from the logic of its most nascent forms of self-organization. So do society as distinguished from biology, humanity as distinguished from animality, and individuality as distinguished from humanity. The very promiscuity with which hierarchical terms are used to organize all differentia in nature is inconsistent.