Set up a slow-motion movie or zip along in fast forward for a different take. Green screen effects and stop motion videos are a click away. Your music will follow along right with your creative editing process.

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  • Comb through the Power Packs for new edits and features to enhance your work of art at any point you choose.
  • Video Star app for Android Advice VideoStar HD is application tells you all the things what you need to master this application.
  • You can discover a video creator you haven’t viewed before with the channel shoutout.
  • You can change its opacity so that it better matches your brand.
  • Effects inspired by a night at the movies!

Are you testing out the app with a free trial? If you choose to spring for the premium version, wait until your trial runs out. Spark Video Editor handles video a bit different.


If you use all the effects you are given you could make such a wonderful edit. However, on the topic of effects, the new update with the text effects isn’t the best. The text effects are choppy even with decent graphs. I’m not sure if putting it on a longer clip would do it justice but so far I don’t find it worth spending your money on. You could’ve added text explosion or something that you see in edits regularly.

Video Star

This app is all about the visual side of things. Use your iPad or your iPhone and capture your creative side while you bust a move or lip sync to the music. In video star, packs grant the user extra effects and abilities. Fall in love with the new content updates, contests to win free packs, and popular song updates.

You can change its opacity so that it better matches your brand. When you’re ready to take your videos to the next level this is the pack you need. Featuring a stunning set of premium color filters and professional adjustable blur effects. You control the blur depth, in the background or foreground, along with the ability to animate them from the start or end of a scene.

Be The Next Big Thing With Video Star

You only need a few to make a basic edit, and you can buy more as you get money. If the download doesn’t start automatically, click here. For unique edits a younger crowd would find appealing, Video Star wins.

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Find amazing, new videos created by other fans of the Video Star app. You’ll never want for video creation inspo. The All Access Pass lets you unleash all the options in Video Star and VideoFX Live.

Video Starfor Ios

The All Access Pass is the best way to get new features and effects. Power Packs are individual buys while the All Access Pass is for the whole shebang. You air guitar in the shower and you dance along to the radio during your commute. When music is that much a part of your life, don’t you need an app to reflect all your musical know-how? You also have the option to buy single packs. Single packs range from $0.99 – $1.30 and are permanent.