8 Signs Youre Dating A Pathological Liar The Scope

It’s important to recognize that someone in your life may not be doing this to hurt your feelings, and it’s not always a sign that they don’t care about you. For many people who decide to lie, it can be challenging for them to get the facts straight and remember who they told what to and when. Yet, sometimes we’re dating a liar and just simply cannot see it. We tend to dismiss thoughts that are unpleasant, as we just want to feel happy with the people we are with.

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However how can you stay with some you don’t trust? That you are going to question everything they do or say. When A person has a lieing problem it is just like a homosexual or a pedophile I don’t believe they can change and it gets worse with time. Come to think of it I have met like 3 pathological liars up to now, but He was the one who affected me the most because he rushed everything.

The liar hopes to deter you from future inquiries by intimidating you, instilling in you the fear of losing them or being the reason the relationship ended. ‘As a psychologist and intuitive counsellor for 28 years, I’ve heard of some pretty tall tales through my clients’ anecdotes. I’ve also learned several sure-fire ways to spot a liar, sometimes before they even open their mouth.

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Sometimes, a mate will catch their partner retelling a familiar story – only the partner is becoming quite the martyr in the enhanced version. Compulsive liars are not necessarily manipulative. However, pathological liars in relationships, on the other end, lie to manipulate and have things their way. If you are in a relationship with a pathological liar, it can be difficult to trust them and feel like you are always walking on eggshells. It is important to try to communicate with your partner and set boundaries as to what is acceptable behavior in the relationship.

Can a pathological liar change?

Being adults, they resort to the same strategy dealing with women. If a girlfriend wants to control his every move, he has nothing to do but lie on every occasion just to avoid her reproachful glance or scandal. Pretend you absolutely don’t care about what he’s saying. If he is telling you the truth, his logical response will be “what’s the matter?


Don’t reproach him or accuse when telling this – appeal to his feelings talking about how worried you’re. 3.5 years ago I met a man who had been down on his luck in life but claimed he wanted to change & make his life better. Well after 3 months of dating I started to find out a couple of hurtful lies. Instead of leaving him I stated with him like a dumb-dumb because I believed that he needed time to break his bad patterns. After all I had seen a lot of growth in him during that short time period. I broke up with a pathological liar 1 year ago and am still struggling to let the anger go.

He also had a severe substance abuse problem. He finally attended some AA meetings but then stopped. He lied about what he did for a living, he said he was a narcotics officer. But he wasn’t, it was a good lie though because he could be gone for long periods of time and use his job as an excuse. I would also recommend to get out as soon as possible these people are scary.

People with these disorders may be more likely to lie and be more skilled at it. Low self-esteem and a false sense of self are thought to contribute to pathological lying. Lie perpetrators may be motivated to lie to others to make them appear better, thereby deceiving others. A person who is unhappy with themselves may be motivated to create a false sense of self. “It’s more important to recognize when someone is telling the truth than telling a lie because people can look like they’re lying but be telling truth,” says Newberry.

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I was going to try and take her to civil small claims court for lying about what she needed the money for . I know God is just, I just pray she repents and serves christ for her own salvation and happiness. Now they have her cousin calling my mom telling lies that shes 15 and all kinds of crap. Bible says liars will burn in lake of fire.