Tips on how to Configure Your Boardroom Mail box on Exchange Server 2013

Using Exchange Web server 2013 to be a hybrid environment, you can change your boardroom mail mail box to be available only during working several hours. By default, these hours will be set to almost 8: 00 A. M. to five: 00 L. M. about Monday through Friday. However , you may adjust this period to accommodate different working several hours. In Exchange On line, you can change the working several hours by simply clicking Options -> Work schedule -> Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration.

To be able to set up your room mailbox, you first need to define a mailbox parallelbezeichnung. For this purpose, you can use an alias or a domain name. You can even stipulate a phone number or location. According to your needs, also you can include the room’s capacity.

If you are using the mail service in Perspective, you can customise the look and feel on the messages you send on your list. You can even include a MailTip, a short principles that explains to recipients whether there are any problems with the message. This will likely be displayed in the InfoBar. You can also add or remove receivers from your To list.

You will discover different types of receivers on Exchange Server. As an example, a resource post office box can be used together calendar. By using this feature, you are able to designate delegates to accept or perhaps decline getting together with requests. You can create multiple resources to respond to specific meeting requests.

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